The artist was born in the USSR, on March 19, 1950. Lived and studied in the Ukraine, until 1968. From 1968-1990 lived and worked in Moscow. In 1974-1979 graduated from an art faculty at the Moscow Pedagogical University, started to take part in exhibitions from 1971, Exhibited his work in 60 exhibits: in Russia, Europe and Israel. In 1990 immigrated to Israel, where lived for 10 years.Member of the Leviathan Group. From 1999 lives and works in Toronto, Canada.


Solo  Exhibitions

2002 Pearl Gallery, Toronto, Canada, 1996 Art Museum Bat-Yam, Israel 1995 Museum of Israel Art, Hertzylia, Israel 1992 The Nine Arts Gallery, Antwerpen, Belgium 1991 Pelin Gallery, Helsinki, Finland 1990 Painters Sculptures Associations Tel-Aviv, Israel 1990 Palmer Gallery, Malmo, Sweden 1989 Art Forum, Hamburg, Germany 1989 Julia Tocaier Gallery Paris, France 1989 Ostermalm Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden 1988 Pelin Gallery, Helsinki, Finland 1983 "Zholtovsky" Artists House, Moscow, Russia


Group Exhibitions

 2003 Denison Gallery, Artexpo, New York, USA, 2002 John  Aird Gallery, Toronto, Canada, 2001 John Aird Gallery, Toronto, Canada, 2001 "Illumine" MEG Gallery, Toronto, Canada 2001 Art Gallery of Peel, Brampton, Canada 1995 "Our Century" (Exhibition of 128 Artist's from this century), Ludwig Museum Cologne, Germany. 1994 "Russian Vanguard in Israel" (I. Kabakov, M. Grobman, Z. Sherman) Gallery of Dafna Naor, Jerusalem, Israel. 1993 "Understandable Art" Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan, Israel. 1992 "Line Art" An art fair, Gent, Belgium. 1991 Gallery Gordon, Tel-Aviv, Israel. 1991 "Abstraction", Haifa University Museum, Israel. 1989 "Labyrinth" castle Waterson, Humburg, Germany. 1989 "Labyrinth" a centre for the young artists, Moscow, Russia. 1988 Art of the USSR in the Modern Art Museum Turku, Finland. 1988 "No Problems" association of artists and sculptures Moscow, Russia. 1987 "Russian Art" Kostakis Gallery, Athens, Greece. 1987 A Club of Vanguard Art "Kashirka", Moscow, Russia. 1987 Russian Art in the Warsaw Art Museum, Poland. 1976-1986 12 Exhibitions for young artists in Moscow, Russia. 1974 Center of  Arts (Pushechnaya street), Moscow , Russia. 1971 Center of  Arts (Pushechnaya street), Moscow , Russia.




Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany City Art Museum Dresden, Germany Museum of Modern Art Lodge, Poland Modern Art Museum Tampere, Finland Tritiakov National Museum Moscow, Russia Museum of Arts Novosibirsk, Russia Haifa University Museum, Israel Museum of Israel Art Hertzylia, Israel Various private collections